Our V i s i o n

To be the lead regulatory agency responsible for the prevention of introduction and or spread of exotic pests and diseases of all agricultural products in international trade.

Our M i s s i o n

To provide an effective science based regulatory service for the quality assurance of agricultural products through a consistent enforcement of sanitary and phytosanitary measures for plants, animal and aquatic resources health, thereby promoting food safety, a secured and sustainable agricultural and economic development

Head of Department

Dr. Abiodun Akinjo
Director Animal Department
Tel: +234 80359246707
e-mail: abiodun.akinjo@naqs.gov.ng

Animal Department

The veterinary arm of NAQS performs the following quarantine services: Health Inspection of export and import if live animals including dogs, cattle, cats, horses, sheep, goats, turkey, poulets/old chicks, eggs, parent stock and pet birds.

Verification of import and export permits issued by the office of the Director, Federal Department of Livestock and Pest Control Services for the importation/exportation of animals and their products. Authentication of international veterinary certificate accompanying imported animals and their products (e.g tallow, horn and hooves, blood meal, hatchable eggs, milk etc.) Conduct of surveillance to determine the presence of contagious animals and zoonotic diseases.

Monitoring the presence and spread of trans-boundary diseases and their existence in foreign countries especially our trading partners. Interception, seizure and or destruction of quarantine animals, animal products, day-old chicks and biologic (vaccines, sera, semen, embryo/ova) and biogents suspected to carry contagious disease or illegally imported. Quarantine of imported live animals for 2-3 weeks or as the case may be, in quarantine stations at the owners expense.

Certify veterinary health certificate for the acquisition of export permit and CITES permits from The Federal Ministry of Environment. Surveillance and control of trade animals at designated inter-state control posts. Maintenance of red alert status on disease of economic importance at all entry points for information and adequate surveillance. Liaise with all national, regional and international agencies and organizations in meeting all international conventions, protocols, codes and trade agreement.

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