Our V i s i o n

To be the lead regulatory agency responsible for the prevention of introduction and or spread of exotic pests and diseases of all agricultural products in international trade.

Our M i s s i o n

To provide an effective science based regulatory service for the quality assurance of agricultural products through a consistent enforcement of sanitary and phytosanitary measures for plants, animal and aquatic resources health, thereby promoting food safety, a secured and sustainable agricultural and economic development

Head of Department

Uwechi Alozie
Director Aquatic Department
Tel: +234 8023238347
e-mail: alozie.uwechi@naqs.gov.ng

Aquatic Department

The department is mandated to carry out the following functions:
1. Supervises, regulates and control import and export of aquatic resources through quality assessment and certification.
2. Ensure sanitary inspection of aquatic resources for export/import into the country and compliance.
3. Provision of scientific backup for front-line aquatic quarantine inspection at entry/exist points and authenticates international sanitary certificates.
4. Ensure control and prevention of illegal trade in endangered or prohibited aquatic resources.
5. Ensure interception, seizure and/or destruction of aquatic resources/products under ban, and highly invasive exotic species, diseases, pests to ensure conservation of the nation’s aquatic resources, her biodiversity and human health.
6. Maintenance of red alert status on aquatic diseases of economic importance at all entry points.
7. Ensure regular monitoring and inspection of approved carrier vessels, aircrafts, trucks and refrigerated vehicles and premises with facilities for holding, and packing of aquatic resources and their products
8. Data compilation: collect all relevant data relating to the activities of the department.
9. Hold regular consultative meeting with stakeholders (importers/exporters/packaging industries enclosed) and liaise regularly with trading partners/exporting /importing countries of aquatic resources. Compile and update importing regulations of these countries in line with, OIE, CODEX, SPS and WTO regulations.
10. Collaboration with other MDAs (eg FMA&RD, FDF, NAFDAC, etc) on policy formulation, implementation and monitoring of aquatic resources

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