Our V i s i o n

To be the lead regulatory agency responsible for the prevention of introduction and or spread of exotic pests and diseases of all agricultural products in international trade.

Our M i s s i o n

To provide an effective science based regulatory service for the quality assurance of agricultural products through a consistent enforcement of sanitary and phytosanitary measures for plants, animal and aquatic resources health, thereby promoting food safety, a secured and sustainable agricultural and economic development



In recent time, Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service has grappled with forgery and other sundry challenges facing the hard-copy Phytosanitary certificates due to the neferous activities of some unscrupulous exporters. To checkmate this, the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service has put in place an electronic platform that is designed to address the issue of forgery, capture applications from exporters for sanitary and phtosanitary certificates(SPS) electronically and manage such applications. This allows an exporter to apply for an SPS certificate online and at their convinience; schedule and carry out inspections filing their result online and; to issue and manage certificates electronically and print where necessary.
The first phase of this platform has run since 2014. The second phase which is more robust and inclusive, will be deployed soon. ...Click here to go to the portal

Fig1 Sample of Phytosanitary Certificate


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