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Aquatic Resources


Regulate and control import and export of aquatic resources through quality assessment and certification in line with International best practices.

Head of Department


Mairo Mohammed (Mrs)

Director, Aquatic Department

Tel: +234 705 689 3115


Aquatic Resources Department


Aquatic Resources Department supervises, regulates and controls import and export of aquatic resources through quality assessment and certification. It also provides scientific backup for front-line aquatic quarantine inspection at entry/exit points and authenticates international sanitary certificates. It maintains red alert status on aquatic diseases of economic importance at all points of entry.

The Department controls and prevents illegal trade in endangered or prohibited aquatic resources. It intercepts, seizes and/or destroys aquatic resources/products under ban, and highly invasive exotic species, diseases, pests in the interest of public health and the conservation of the nation’s aquatic resources as well as its biodiversity.

The Department monitors and inspects approved premises, facilities, carrier vessels, aircraft, trucks and refrigerated vehicles for holding, processing and packing of aquatic resources and their products.


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