This department of NAQS protects the cultivated crops and the natural flora from destructive foreign plant pests.
It also ensures that our agricultural exports meets international standard set by IPPC and WTO/SPS Agreement and specific phytosanitary requirements of countries importing plants, plant products and other regulated articles from Nigeria..
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Health Inspection of export and import if live animals including dogs, cattle, cats, horses, sheep, goats, turkey, poulets/old chicks, eggs, parent stock and pet birds.
Verification of import and export permits issued by the office of the Director, Federal Department of Livestock and Pest Control Services for the importation/exportation of animals and their products. more
To take responsibility of controlling and regulating importation, exportation and safety of live aquatic resources through the issuance of import and export permits.
To control sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) certification of all exports and import of live aquatic products together with risk analysis of the import of live aquatic products. more

Due to forgery and other sundry challenges facing the hard copy Phytosanitary certificates, the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service has put in place an online platform that is designed to address the issue of faking and ..Read More
NAQS is a regulatory agency under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It was created for the harmonization of Plants, Veterinary and Aquatic resources (fisheries) Quarantine in Nigeria to promote...Read More
Chief Audu Ogbe (OFR)
Hounorable Minister, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development more

Dr. Vincent Isegbe
Coordinating Director of Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service.more