NAQS is a regulatory agency under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It was created for the harmonization of Plants, Veterinary and Aquatic resources (fisheries) Quarantine in Nigeria to promote and regulate sanitary (animal and fisheries health) and phytosanitary(plant health) measures in connection with the import and export of agricultural . ... Read More

Press Release

Nigeria set to resume export of hibiscus to Mexico – NAQS.... Read more

Sniper in beans means death in the pot – NAQS . . . urges bean dealers to stop using chemical of mass destruction.... Read more

Transporters must stop at Veterinary Control Posts for livestock inspection... Read more

MDA compliance with EO1

The MDAs that show the highest level of compliance are: OGFZA (94%), FMoFA (91%), NAQS (82%) , NERC (81%) and NIS (80%)
Successful MDAs have implemented critical reforms in three areas that have enabled them to streamline their processes and comply with the EO1: automation, transparency, communication, monitoring and evaluation systems. NAQS ranking
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