Comptroller General receives Management of Xiamen Mingsui Grains & Oils Co., Ltd

The Comptroller General, Dr. Vincent Isegbe today recieve the General Manager of Xiamen Mingsui Grains & Oils Co., Ltd, to discuss the establishing of a partnership with NAQS to export sorghum to China at the National Headquarters.

The GM of MIngsui in his address said “We are looking for a reliable source of high-quality sorghum to meet the growing demand in China. We believe that partnering with NAQS will not only help us secure a steady supply of sorghum but also ensure that the products meet international standards. We also wish to explore ways to encourage Nigerian farmers to increase their sorghum production.”

He further concluded that “Our company had a successful experience in 2022 when we imported 20 metric tons of sorghum from Nigeria, and we believe there is a significant potential for growth in this market.”

The CG in his response said that the two countries already has an MOU to this effect but trade has slowed down due to the price differences in the international market. NAQS is open to partnering with the export company to encourage production amongst farmers to meet GAP. This will help moderate the price of the commodity and enhance its competitiveness in the global market.