International Day of Plant Health 2024

IDPH 2024


12TH MAY,2024



Plant pests and diseases are responsible for the loss of up to 40 percent of global food crops, and for trade losses exceeding USD 220 billion in agricultural products annually.

As we commemorate the 2024 International Year of Plant Health (IYPH 2024), it is instructive to recognize the pivotal role that plant health, safe trade and digital technology plays in safeguarding our global agricultural systems while ensuring food security.

Plant health and safe trade is evolving through Digital Technology. In an era marked by unprecedented connectivity and technological advancement, harnessing the power of digital tools is essential for promoting plant health and ensuring the smooth flow of trade while mitigating the risks associated with the spread of pests and diseases.

The Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service in its drive to ensure plant health and facilitate safe trade has launched the “Electronic-Phytosanitary Certification Portal (e-Phyto)” a digital solution revolutionizing the issuance phytosanitary certificates while promoting transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain in compliance with local and international phytosanitary regulations.

NAQS through collaborative efforts with international partners and government agencies is working diligently to safeguard the Nigerian Agro economy through holistic approaches that are geared towards ending hunger and ensuring food security for the country.

The global drive to employ digital innovations invites us to harness the transformative potential of e-Phyto portal and other Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures currently in place to build a resilient import and export control channel that promotes plant health, safe trade and ensures a sustainable future of an agricultural economy that flourishes.

This message is from the Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS)

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