Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service

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The Department is composed of two (2) Division, namely, Admin & Supplies Division and Finance and Accounts Division. Under the former Division are (ii) Administrative Office, Store Unit, and Open and Secret Registries.
The Finance and Accounts division have the following units
- Advances Section
- Other Charges Section
- Central Pay office
- Final accounts Section

Administrative Office
Manpower Planning and Budgeting
Preparation of Staff Briefs for Promotion
Management of Staff Training, and Welfare issues
Management of Staff Retirement, Withdrawal, and Resignation from Service
Secretariat of NAQS Personnel Management Board and its Committees
Maintenance of Personnel Records and Policy Files
Preparation of Personnel (i.e. establishment) budget
Liaison with relevant bodies outside the Ministry
Planning of present and future, qualitative and quantitative personnel needs of the Agency
Identification of Agency vacancies (this action resulted in the 2013 unprecedented mass promotion of officers in the Directorate carder) Ensures the optimum use of current personnel
Strengthens personnel and institutional capacity for Policy formulation.
Provides the basis for succession planning in career management within the Agency; and
Issuance of staff Identity Cards Finance and Accounts Financial Administration
Preparation of accounting records and books
Payment for Recurrent and Capital Expenditure

Abiona Frank Ayi (FCNA)
Director Administration & Finance Department, Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service.
Phone no: +234 33002579
Alternate e-mail: