The veterinary arm of NAQS performs the following quarantine services:

  • Health Inspection of export and import if live animals including dogs, cattle, cats, horses, sheep, goats, turkey, poulets/old chicks, eggs, parent stock and pet birds.
  • Verification of import and export permits issued by the office of the Director, Federal Department of Livestock and Pest Control Services for the importation/exportation of animals and their products.
  • Authentication of international veterinary certificate accompanying imported animals and their products (e.g tallow, horn and hooves, blood meal, hatchable eggs, milk etc.)
  • Conduct of surveillance to determine the presence of contagious animals and zoonotic diseases.
  • Monitoring the presence and spread of trans-boundary diseases and their existence in foreign countries especially our trading partners.
  • Interception, seizure and or destruction of quarantine animals, animal products, day-old chicks and biologic (vaccines, sera, semen, embryo/ova) and biogents suspected to carry contagious disease or illegally imported.
  • Quarantine of imported live animals for 2-3 weeks or as the case may be, in quarantine stations at the owners expense.
  • Certify veterinary health certificate for the acquisition of export permit and CITES permits from The Federal Ministry of Environment.
  • Surveillance and control of trade animals at designated inter-state control posts.
  • Maintenance of red alert status on disease of economic importance at all entry points for information and adequate surveillance.
  • Liaise with all national, regional and international agencies and organizations in meeting all international conventions, protocols, codes and trade agreement.